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Link: Loneliness — A Health Threat for Seniors

Thanks to Marjorie Copson for this link to an article on the health consequences of loneliness. Turns out, it can affect our bodies in ways that lead to “heart attacks, metastatic cancer, Alzheimer’s and other ills.” Now that’s something for us seniors to take into account as we plan our futures.

Link: The Importance of Posture

Donna found this article on the importance of good posture — for your health and well-being, and even your safety. It applies to all generations, including those kids you see every day, laboring under their backpacks and peering at their cell phones.

My own experience is that it’s not enough to want to stand up straighter. The muscles you once used to do that may be just too weak. If you’re worried about your posture, you should ask your physician to prescribe a course of physical therapy. The therapist will teach you exercises to help you regain muscle strength.

Link: The Dinner Party

Thanks to Prof. Roy Rhodes for this link to a WBUR (Boston) broadcast on The Dinner Party, a movement that brings folks in their twenties and thirties together, over dinner, to discuss their experiences of loss, death, and grief.

The Dinner Party (here’s the Facebook page) aims “To transform life after loss from an isolating experience into one marked by community support, candid conversation, and forward movement.” Reports indicate that young adults are finding the experience extremely helpful. The deaths of loved ones, and the emotional impact those deaths have had, are not subjects they can easily bring up elsewhere.

Seniors: if you know a young adult who has experienced loss, you might mention The Dinner Party to them. Meanwhile, maybe we should be thinking about having dinner parties of our own. Most of us aren’t that good at discussing grief either.


Link: Changing Funeral Practices

Here’s a New Yorker article, “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” on changing death and funeral practices.

The home funeral is making a comeback. I well remember how my beloved maternal grandmother, born in the 19th century, insisted on being “laid out” in her own bedroom on her four-poster bad. Though I was just a child at the time, I can well remember her there in her best dress and wearing her glasses. It’s not an unpleasant memory.

The Colorado funeral pyre option, described in the article, has its appeal. We’ll need to investigate whether this could be done in New York State, or whether it might violate the open burning laws.

Link: “Democrats Undermine Efforts to Protect Retirement Savers”

From the New York Times:

“Forty-seven House Democrats are threatening to derail the Obama administration’s effort to protect Americans from retirement advisers who put their own interest in earning commissions above their clients’ need for expert advice. …”

This is the kind of thing that makes people cynical about politics and leads to low voter turnout.



Link: Medicare to Pay for End of Life Consultations

It’s been a long time coming, thanks to Sarah Palin and her “death panels” fantasy, but from January, Medicare will pay physicians for conversations with patients on how they wish to be treated at the end of life. The conversations can take place at any time, even before someone becomes ill.

Here’s the link.