It’s Getting Real

Wonder where we’ve been? We’ve been getting our house in the Finger Lakes ready to go on the market in just a few days.

The cupboard is bare. Now how am I going to clean underneath the darn thing?

You’ve been reading about our downsizing and our efforts to get rid of “the stuff.”  We’ve appreciated your interest, your encouragement and your concern. These last few weeks it has been getting real. While we thought that we were going at it in a concerted effort, we have heard that our realtor thinks that we need to accelerate the pace.

We are on-board. This despite the early arrival of our grandson and the need to divert our time to be with him and his parents. We are smitten and will be adjusting all our plans to make the most of the opportunities to be with the family and the new guy.

Our attentions back home have turned to making the house ready to show. More stuff has gone out the door. We have connected with a local book dealer who is looking over the remains of our wine and cheese and book takeaway. He has loaded them into his van and will get back to us with an estimate. No more boxes of books to contend with. (As an aside, we were amazed and gratified to receive a note from the local history center that two of our neighbors have sent a contribution in

Ladies — he does windows!

appreciation for our giveaway. What could be more satisfying? Thanks, friends.)

We are doing “triage” on the remaining items. There are things designated for the local antiques dealer’s perusal; others for the church’s yard sale this year; more for our cherished Once Again Shoppe; practical items for the Living Well which offers services to local families in need: and, our castoff clothing and costuming to the local theater company which encountered an incredible loss with the floods two years ago.

We’ve had the place spruced up a bit with a few cracks addressed, paint freshened where needed and small matters seen to. It remains for us to address the other

Wide open spaces in the basement. Room for a pony.

stuff and to decide how we present our home.

A good bit of our furnishings have gone south to our new home in Virginia. Nonetheless, we still have a very habitable home here. The challenge is to decide what we keep for the new home and how we transition down there. It is not insurmountable, but it does keep our minds occupied.

And, by the way, the basement – that great repository of generations of family stuff – is looking pretty spiffy.

We are convinced that this was the right time to make the change. It has been a huge effort, one that we’re not sure we would want to undertake — or be able to undertake — a few years from now.



6 thoughts on “It’s Getting Real

    1. Donna Copson Post author

      And soon we’ll be going to an open house at your old firm to start the process of working on the new house.


  1. Dorothy Williams

    I note you are both wearing “Take Charge of the Remaining Stuff Red!” My good wishes go with you. Hopefully you have not disposed of the rocking chair you’ll need for the new little guy.


    1. Donna Copson Post author

      Actually, it’s red in solidarity with International Women’s Day and the observances in the US for pay equity, better child care availability, and an end to sexual harassment, among other issues.

      The rocking chair, alas, is no longer with us.

      Always love hearing from you, Dorothy.


  2. Susan Seltzer

    Congratulations you two! You have done a most thorough and outstanding job of downsizing. I appreciate all that’s gone into it as we went through the process 2 years ago this month. It is daunting for sure. We still have stiff to sort through as we didn’t do quite as exquisite a job as you have done.

    Are you still planning on going to Bozeman in August? Do you have any additional information re what’s going to take place?

    Last, and most important, congrats on the new grandson. Great news.





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