More Things Under Heaven and on Earth…

Ray has been sharing his trip down memory lane as he goes through his family memorabilia. See his post.  While he has taken laudable action to preserve his father’s papers and other items related to Pop’s career at TVA, the matter of the snippet of his grandmother’s wedding gown is now looming large.

I hesitate to tell him that he doesn’t know yet what trouble with wedding gowns is. I am going through other Copson family items. Lo and behold, we have his mother’s wedding gown in its entirety. Mame, while average for her time, would be called diminutive today. Not many brides could wear it, even for nostalgic reasons. Well, our daughters could because, while they are much taller, they are also as slim as they come. But, we have married them off.

If that isn’t enough, I have my mother’s ball gown from a weekend at West Point in the 1930’s. It’s somewhat the worse for wear – not her wearing, but my sister’s and mine. Mom let us dress up in her old gowns when we were young. I’m afraid that we were not as respectful of them as we should have been.  Along with the current white cotton sheath with a flounced skirt below the knees, I vividly remember the white satin slinky  gown with the faux diamond clip at the shoulder strap and the slim green crinkly gown with an aura of mystery about it.

Some thoughts come to mind. We could donate them to the local theater company which has taken some of our funkier items for their wardrobe. On the other hand, perhaps the local history center would like them for its collection of period clothing. The wedding gown was worn in 1932, and is a classic. And I don’t know anyone among my acquaintances who went to a West Point weekend with a cadet.

I’ll pursue these avenues, with Ray’s permission of course. Who knows, maybe we’ll drag these pieces with us to our next stop. Let the girls agonize when the time comes. Serve them right for all the stuff they have left behind in their time.







2 thoughts on “More Things Under Heaven and on Earth…

  1. Dorothy Williams

    Hi Donna – By all means save Ray’s mother’s wedding dress – you may have a Granddaughter who would love to wear it someday. Long after I my marriage in 1963 wearing a gown I had sewn myself (a style highly influenced by Jackie Kennedy), my mother produced my Grandmother’s 1903 wedding dress of cream color soft lawn cloth with leg-o-mutton sleeves and a gracefully tiered full length skirt. I would have worn that beautiful dress had I known it still existed. I never understood why my mother had not mentioned the dress stored away for posterity in the attic. Then in 1979 our dinner party group who loved to host theme parties announced “An Age of Opulence” party. My husband and I attended dressed as passengers on the Titanic with me donned in my Grandmother’s lovely wedding dress. Unfortunately by that time the waistline on the gracefully tiered full length skirt was a bit tight, so I unbuttoned it in order to more thoroughly enjoy the decadent chocolate mousse ladyfinger dessert. I created quite a memorable scene when the hostess suggested we all retire to more comfortable seats in her living room. As I stood up from the dining table my Grandmother’s wedding skirt fell down to my ankles leaving me standing there in my panty hose. I can still hear those guests laughing. It was a joy to finally wear Grandma Childs wedding dress.

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