A Complicated Business

This business of downsizing and relocating is complicated. There are so many stages involving everything from finances to utilities being turned on or off, and so many decisions to be made. I’m glad we didn’t wait until we were older.

Yesterday, we had some furniture removed from our house in the Finger Lakes. We need to clear things out a bit, while leaving enough to make the house look like a home when we put it on the market in the spring.

img_2086A van almost as big as our house showed up.





img_2088The hardworking crew did the job in no time, despite the wintry weather.





img_2089There goes our piano.







We shall have music!

We shall have music!

So exciting to see it in mid-air.






The stuff is headed to our new home in Virginia, which we don’t quite own yet. The settlement date is November 30. The movers wanted our things now so they could be part of a large shipment headed south in early December. We hope our settlement goes smoothly — or our furniture will be homeless.


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