What’s the Plan?

Downsizing continues here at Common Sense for Seniors headquarters. Yesterday, in the latest departure, our kayaks, nestled on their little trailer, went out the driveway. They were headed over to the Finger Lakes Museum, which has an active paddle program.

So where is all this headed? Will we end up living in an empty house? (Still a ways to go on that one.)  What’s the plan?

We do in fact have a plan. We are going to purchase a home in Reston, Virginia, which will eventually become our permanent residence. We’ll keep our house in the Finger Lakes for a while, and hope we can visit back here for years to come. But time marches on, the moving finger writes, and time waits for no man or woman.  Over the long term, life in the country, which we love, will simply no longer be possible.

Reston has many advantages — public transportation, for one. Buses run throughout the community and connect up with the Washington Metro. It’s possible to call a taxi or summon an Uber driver. Doctors and a large hospital are minutes away. Homes can be found that are within walking distance of a supermarket and restaurants. Reston has a network of walking paths and swimming pools that will be great for exercise. We know our way around, since we lived there before we retired and kept a small condo afterward. Most important, our daughters and their families, including our grandchildren, are nearby.

Of course, there are disadvantages too. One level living is probably not going to be possible. Since land is expensive in this “urban suburb,” builders simply don’t construct many one-level homes, so we’ll almost certainly be living in a town house. We’re looking for one with a manageable stairway. We’re not too sure about the summertime heat in Virginia either, after years of enjoying Finger Lakes summers.  We’ll have to be careful of the traffic, whether we’re driving or walking. A senior was recently killed in Reston in a hit and run.

It’s not perfect in every way, but that’s the plan. We hope we can pull it off. There are all sorts of arrangements to be made, as we’re learning. Right now we’re focused on getting the little condo transferred to its new owner. After that, we’ll have to actually find the new home we’ve been thinking about. We’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from readers about the living arrangements they’re devising for their senior years.




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