Our Sofa’s Gone!

Going ...

Going …

Talk about downsizing!


Going ...

Going …







A lovely young couple who had seen it during  our yard sale made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. The sofa was going to go eventually. Why not now?






We kind of like the spare look. Come visit us and stand around.


2 thoughts on “Our Sofa’s Gone!

  1. Dorothy Williams

    Hi Ray and Donna – You will appreciate your “spare” look even more after you have spent an evening crammed into my teeny tiny house with the other guests on Sunday evening while the predicted thunder storms prevent the use of my party deck. It makes me sad to see you two downsizing because we know the end result will be losing you to Virginia.


    1. Donna Copson

      You don’t lose friends, Dorothy; you get to visit them in new places. With your heavy foot and that Prius, you’ll be down to see us regularly. But that’s a ways off; we’re still here for the foreseeable future. Besides, that sofa never “sat” well.



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