Getting There

IMG_1965It’s D-Day minus two. Our signs have been appearing on the Bluff, and the ad is in the local paper plus Craig’s List and our local Yates County online yard sale site. There is a lot of competition, if we should care to term it that, but I think that there is a synergism in having a lot of offerings for folks. The weather bodes rather well, so we take heart.

We have culled, once again, the stuff. Who knew how much we have harbored these past eight years? And that does not take into account the stuff that we have accumulated just being here. It takes so little to get to this point and a lot of discipline to rid of ourselves of the stuff. Too many memories; too many plans.

What have we discovered that we can live without and are ready to part with? Well, there’s the family furniture which no one has claimed, as we have mentioned before. Then there are the duplicates. We really do not need two crock pots even if they are of different sizes. One used to go Ray’s office holiday party and the other was acquired in a misbegotten belief that we would join the ranks of the slow cookers. We did not need to become slow cookers; we are retired and can decide what to cook and eat whenever. Anyways, how much time do we have left that we should consider slow-cooking? Heck, we don’t need even one crockpot.

Apart from the decision involved in deciding to have a yard sale, there is the physical energy and time needed to pull the stuff out and haul it to a point where it can be “showcased.” Best that we do it now as we are not likely to get great new infusions of strength and endurance.  So we are feeling good about this latest enterprise.

As I have said,  we’ll keep you informed.



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