Getting Serious

We have talked a good game for some time  now regarding our stuff. The books, some of them, have gone off to the library. Our clothes closets have been stripped and the excess donated to the local Once Again Shoppe.  Our files and who knows what paper have been taken to the shredder. And, we sent a good amount of our travel treasures and some household items to our church’s recent treasures and yard sale, where the total receipts amounted to a little more than $1800 for the missions of the church (certainly not all of that realized from our “stuff.”)

We have shown you in previous posts the state of our basement. (I will not direct you to that picture; you’ll have to find it for yourself. It’s too embarrassing.) With few excuses remaining, we have taken on more of our stuff. We are having a yard sale this coming Friday and Saturday.

When we were last with our daughters, we put out the ultimate ultimatum asking what they might want. A lot of silence, despite our having thought that we should keep some of the family antiques, just in case. So we have moved ahead.

How to separate the gold from the dross?  Well, one thing that we have learned since selling the previous house more than eight years ago is that all of the stuff that our/your parents visited upon us/you as priceless and historic is, for the most part, just not so.  This was confirmed by a visit to two local auction houses. We know we don’t have that half million dollar table, desk, bureau or chest that will be discovered on Antiques Roadshow.

We go live this Friday. By whatever we can reduce our cache of stuff, I will consider it progress. We’ll  keep you informed.







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