Downsizing Through A Yard Sale

Donna has spent much of the last month chairing an international treasures market and yard sale at our church, St. Mark’s in Penn Yan. Volunteers put in countless hours organizing the donations that came in — everything from a chain saw and two weed whackers to rugs from the former Yugoslavia and a hand woven Guatemalan backpack. Meanwhile, parish bakers whipped up Jamaican patties, Cornish pasties, and all sorts of other goodies to offer during the big event.

Some items at the international treasures market

Some items at the international treasures market

The sale was a great way for participants to clear out their closets, recycle, and downsize while doing some good at the same time. More than $1,600 was raised to support Episcopal Relief and Development and other ministries of the parish. Donna and I are hoping that the paintings, fabrics, furniture, and other items we sent off to the sale are bringing pleasure to others, and we’re glad that some money was generated for worthy causes.

And the good news is that we brought nothing home. Well, hardly anything. Hardly anything at all.



Bake sale sold out in a trice

Bake sale sold out in a trice


1 thought on “Downsizing Through A Yard Sale

  1. Dorothy Williams

    Ray, you could sell ice to the Eskimos. Your write up about St. Marks yard sale made me wish I had attended it. But I decided doing so would not fit in with my own downsizing project because I surely would have purchased one of those international treasures.



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