Much to my surprise, I experienced atrial fibrillation — a rapid and quite disturbing heart beat —  on July 4, while we were visiting our condo in Virginia. It happened during my morning jog, but exercise might not have been the cause. Risk factors include age, heredity, caffeine, too much wine, and even Lyme disease. Anyway, it was off to the emergency room for me, where they restored my heart’s normal rhythm with medication.

Now I’m in for lots of examinations and tests. I’ve already had one excellent consultation in Virginia. Soon, I’ll be wearing something called a Holter monitor and undergoing an echo electro-cardiagram.

The internet is helpful in assuring me that this condition is “common,” and indeed, as I mention it to folks, I find that many have had it.

But an experience like this makes a senior think. This aging thing cannot be ignored. I don’t know what life style changes the docs will mandate when my tests are done, but I’m sure there will be some. I’m expecting a stern lecture on moderation in all things.

The experience has convinced me that the downsizing path we’re following is the right one. We need less stuff and a smaller house. And best if it’s near our protective tribe, not to mention a major medical facility.


5 thoughts on “Intimations

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  3. Dorothy Williams

    Hi Ray – We are sorry to learn of your heart concerns. Arlan has worn the Holter monitor twice and is also on medication to control irregular heart beat. That might give you two something to talk about when taking a little break from your jogging and bike riding exercise routines.


    1. Ray Copson Post author

      And yet he still exercises vigorously. That’s encouraging — I’m missing my jogs, which have been ruled out for now.



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