Next Steps

The Friends of the Library annual book sale is over. On Monday, a crew of volunteers packed up the remaining books which were taken by a dealer who lists them online. For this, the Friends receive a generous donation.

What next? Well, there is no end of stuff. In the course of identifying books to donate, Ray and I were confronted with all the other items we have amassed over time. Some of it had been deferred until we have time to consider and decide what to do with it. (See Ray’s post about his father’s humidor.) I need to go through my family’s stuff. While the term sounds harsh, we have come to accept that the “stuff” of history, even family history, is not of great moment to our heirs. Thus, Ray’s observations on how to pass along that which is of significance. Kudos, Ray.

For the other stuff, there is good news. We have two events in the near future that will ¬†provide opportunities for us to pass along those items that we have used but no longer need. Our Yates County History Center has an annual yard sale, and our church, St. Mark’s, will be holding a travel treasures and yard sale. I am in charge of the latter and am rounding up a committee to start planning. Ray is on the board of the History Center and very involved in its events program. We are off and running.

There are real prospects here for reducing the load and doing good at the same time. We’ll keep you posted.

P.S. After packing up books at the library, I dropped a couple bags of other stuff at the Once Again Shoppe. I thought I could just abandon them on the dock, but as I was pulling away a volunteer popped out the door and gave me a wave and a cheery, “Thank you.” I replied, “No, thank you.”



2 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. Marjorie

    Maybe some of these family history papers could be stored on some sort of a family blog that some sort of retired people could create. After they are uploaded they could be donated or auctioned.



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