Being Here

We are two plus weeks back from a month away – the longest we have ever left home. Living in the Finger Lakes, water is assumed to be ever present but not so this year. Our neighbors looked after Ray’s plantings in his new cold frames. Seeds sprouted and leaves emerged. Friends gathered the harvest, thanks be. They kept the shoots and greens emerging. But that was a closed environment.

We could not have imagined that we would come back to a three week (as near as we can figure) drought. The land we had had cleared in the fall then tilled and seeded upon our return went totally dry. Turkeys strutted into the soil that was waiting for rain to sprout grass and brazenly wallowed in the dust.

We despaired. But, I must share this most instant moment: we had a lovely drenching shower just now. We had to retreat from the front porch to the back deck to avoid being soaked. It was brief but reassuring, accompanied by a small rainbow and followed by sunshine.

Weather is quixotic, nothing to take for granted. Two years ago we were inundated by hundred year floods. Today, we pray for rain.


2 thoughts on “Being Here

  1. Joan Mistretta

    One of the ironic and sad things about weather is that one lovely day after another means “we need rain.” There are some kinks in things.



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