Library Hero(es)

By Donna

All those books that we have been taking to the library for the Friends’ Book Sale did not make their way in the door and down the stairs by themselves. Library staffer Alex gallantly transported them for me. Alex is unfailingly helpful and also runs a vibrant events program. Here’s Alex helping me out.

But, this is just the front end of the sale. As of today, it is in full swing. When I was down there this morning, the lines were backed up waiting to get into the sale room. I signed up to staff the check-out desk for a few shifts in the coming days. There are a limited number of slots remaining, so get on down there, buy some books and sign on to help. It’s a great chance to enjoy the library and this small town community.

Join Alex, the members of the Friends of the Library, and the other volunteers and be a hero yourself. The sale runs through noon on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Library Hero(es)

  1. Dorothy Williams

    Three cheers for the versatility of my Prius! I am still into my discarding “stuff” mode thanks to encouragement from Donna’s blog. And this week I stuffed an old refrigerator into my Prius, and hauled it to the Cardinal Trash site in Dundee. Granted it was not as big as refrigerators usually are these days. It was an apartment size model about 3 times the size of a college dorm fridge. I bought it in 1988 to use in my old Woodtex Woodshed camp that stood on the site now occupied by my retirement home. It had not been used since 2004 and was taking up room in my basement. So I folded down the back seats of my Pruis and pushed the refrigerator into the cargo space. I could not close the tailgate which meant I had to deal with the “beep, beep, beep” alarm signaling one of the vehicle doors was ajar for the whole 22 mile trip to Shannon Corners Rd. I was nearly crazy from the beeps when I finally arrived at the dump. Fortunately NPR 91.5 was featuring Copland’s “Appalachian Suite” directed by Leonard Bernstein so I turned up the volume to detract from the unrelenting beeps. I saved myself the $25 fee Cardinal would have charged to transport my refrigerator, listened to lovely music embellished with beeps en route, and made room in my cellar for some new “stuff.”


    1. Donna Copson

      Way to go, Dorothy! Our thanks to you for sharing your personal efforts and successes. Now about that new “stuff”….



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