1 thought on “Link: When is it Time to Give Up Your Gun?

  1. Susan Skellan Seltzer

    This is, indeed, a scary article. It’s also very sad. I noted that the wife of Greg Schnepp said “Shooting is about his only interest in life”. Really?? What is wrong with this picture?
    So many in the article were cited as having dementia or Alzheimer’s while still keeping and using guns. I had no idea the percentage of people over 65 with firearms in the home was so high. It truly is unnerving and puzzling. How does a 90 year old with dementia have the ability to get to the gun store on his own so he can replace a gun that has been removed from the home? Is no one paying attention? I, fortunately, have not ever had to deal with this issue and I don’t have answers. However, after reading the article, I have concluded that there is a real need to have more open dialogue and, hopefully, some good solutions brought forth. It is a matter of urgency, especially if you are living in a home with seniors who own firearms.



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