Hitting the Books Again

We’re are back and getting to work. I last addressed our books In April, then took time out to get rid of old paperwork through the generous shredding day held by a local bank. Next it was a month away in Italy. But now, the local library book sale looms next week. Time for action.

We took up where we left off and dove into the basement to start on the boxes we brought with us eight years ago. Should be easy, right? If we haven’t needed them in eight years, we must not need them. We’ll see. So far I have managed to come up with five bags and two boxes of books. They were delivered to the library this morning.

IMG_1906Here’s our down payment on the pledge. Now it’s down into the depths of the cellar for the next round. We’ll keep you informed of the results. Oh, yes, and it’s time to schedule myself to help at the sorting and selling at the library next week. It’s the very least I can do for their taking this burden from us.



4 thoughts on “Hitting the Books Again

  1. Dorothy Williams

    I hope folks were able to make good use of the Town of Jerusalem “Clean Up Day” held on June 1. I am so grateful our town board provides this wonderful opportunity once a year. After consulting with Margaret Sheppard, owner and auctioneer at Hayes Auction Barn, I decided to part with the Pfaff sewing machine I purchased with money I earned delivering the Syracuse Post Standard in 1952 when I was in 6th grade. At $5.00 profit per week it took me many months to save enough to buy the sturdy German machine which Margaret assured me would not have the “bells and whistles” buyers are looking for these days. I also trashed a very heavy and slightly rusty 4 drawer metal file. I cleaned out my “Pastor’s Study” privy and discarded garden tools with broken handles, rusty mower blades, etc. It felt so good to dispose of this kind of stuff I rewarded myself for my effort by enjoying a kiddie size hot fudge sundae on Cappuccino Crunch flavor Seneca Farms ice cream with whipped cream – I did skip the crushed nuts. Donna and Ray were the inspiration for my throwing out stuff mood.

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    1. Donna Copson Post author

      Like? Actually, love. This is the type of input/reaction that we hope to engender. Keep it coming, Dorothy. We all need to support one another. It can be done!


  2. Allison Jane Zito

    Thank you so much, Donna and Ray for being part of our Sicily experience. As you may remember, we are the Aussie couple still experiencing the sights of Italy. You have brought back some nice memories for us. And that painting, I think we all stood in that exact spot. We are now in the greener Toscana region before heading to Venice.



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