Books: Time Out

We set about winnowing the books with some vigor. The first five bags/boxes went quickly, and there are more in progress upstairs. See our effort thus far.IMG_1068

But we have called a temporary halt to the book purge. Here’s why.

April, as we all know too painfully, is tax filing time. Having put that behind us, we noticed that there is a big push by institutions and the media to get rid of the resulting excess paperwork. One of our local banks is offering a shredding event this coming Saturday, so we plan to take them up on the offer. We off-loaded a bunch of paper last year at a local secure paper recycling place for a reasonable fee. Still, as we looked around this month, we realized that we have only scratched the surface.

As with clothes and books, sentimentality and sheer inertia contribute to an indefensible amount of stuff. Now, this is not easy or quick in our case. In going at it with our file cabinets, I found so much paper has been saved for things and services that we abandoned long ago. Out! But, there are files also that contain our past including, once again, the records of our children’s growing years.

Well, they are adults long since. Originally I kept them because they were in regular transition from school to school, job to job with no place to store them. Secretly, I also thought they might not have the proper reverence for their early writings and report cards. Now, having spent a good bit of time going over the files and reliving those years, I am satisfied that they reflect the promise of what our daughters have become. It’s up to them to decide what to keep and what to let go. We’ll be delivering their past to them on our next visit.

For a start to your own undertakings, I recommend a look at Michelle Singletary’s site at Ms. Singletary is a wealth of information and advice on financial matters overall. She knows personally whereof she speaks, but she has a recent column on what to hold onto and what to let go of, with some honest backtalk from her readers.

We are filling plastic tubs with paper stuff for disposal this Saturday. We’ll let you know how it went. Then it’s back to the books.




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