The Stuff: Odds and Ends

Sock drawer before

Sock drawer before

A few things to wrap up here. I’ve talked about the clothes rack and the shoe rack. Still, there were the cupboards and drawers. I tackled them as well.

The cupboards were repositories of things that didn’t have a place elsewhere: pajamas, tee-shirts, swimsuits, scarves, and handbags. In brief, I got rid of a good bunch of stuff. In the process, I came to the conclusion that KonMari’s principle of rolling clothes to make them happier was good advice in the case of tee’s and turtlenecks. They had been stacked in quarter-fold in the cupboards, and I was forever leafing through them. I shed some of the ones that were ill-advised and rarely worn, then took to my bureau.

There, I realized that rarely or seasonally-used items took more than their deserved space in drawers. Shorts were sent to the cupboard, making  room for tee-shirts. The turtleneck drawer was reorganized to take shirt rolls.  Here’s what the bureau’s lower drawers look like now.
IMG_1029 I am happy with the result and can say that my tee’s and t’necks are less creased than before. Thank you, Marie Kondo.

While I was doing my cull of the closet, Ray undertook his own examination of his half of our “dressing room.” Bunches of stuff came off the shelves; serious decisions were made about shirts and pants that had hung there for years. As was the case in my clearing out, virtually everything was still  serviceable, just not for us.

So what about the detritus?

Next up: The Dead Toubab Pile.





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