The Stuff – Catching Up

My closet -- before

My closet — before

Where was I? Ah, yes, August. Small progress here and there, but not the promised full-bore, have-at-it that I fooled myself into thinking I would undertake.

Well, I can report that attention turned recently to dealing with the clothes. The situation had become dire, in part because I tossed the occasional item into the large yard bag you see. That only added to the congestion. With a day that had no other claims on me, I set about taking the closet down as dictated by the KonMari Method.

Where will we sleep?

Where will we sleep?

I pulled everything off the clothes rod and arrayed the items across the bed, the chairs and the floor. A good way to start and a revelation to see how much stuff there was. I knew that there were things that needed to go. Some would never be worn again: too small. If I fooled myself into thinking I would get back to fighting trim, I would really never winnow the pile. Besides, I told myself that if I dispose of it now and need its equivalent in the future, I can always buy something that actually fits. Other items represented buyer’s remorse. Yes, it seemed right at the time, but it wasn’t really me.

It took time to assess each item. Some I tried on; others not. I did not find the test of whether it brought me joy helpful. Come on, there are some things that we have of necessity; others are needed to complete an outfit. In the end, it came down to “go or stay,” for the most part. A few items were duplicates that would go to our place in Virginia.

The elect were dispersed in several directions. The everyday went back to the bedroom closet; out-of-season went upstairs; and, outdoor items were sent to the front hall and back door closets. There were piles of hangers to be recycled. Some would go in the recycle bin while others were used to replace the wire ones that left my shirts with strange knots on the shoulders. That was enough for one day.

Next up: the drawers, the cupboards and the shoes.




6 thoughts on “The Stuff – Catching Up

    1. Donna Copson Post author

      It’s coming; it’s coming. Have to lead hike today, so not this minute.

      On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 8:44 AM, Common Sense for Seniors wrote:



    1. Donna Copson Post author

      That’s because I cover them up with sweaters or jackets. Perhaps I can give up a layer or two. Thanks, Stephanie!


  1. Susan Skellan Seltzer

    Donna, I can relate to everything you said re clothes that have to go. You’ve inspired me to get to my closet and do some serious weeding. I could really get upset with myself over the way too many times that I’ve had “buyer’s remorse”. That would be an entry in the “what was I thinking” section of my life. Thanks for reminding me that I’ve got company out there!



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