OLLI — Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes

Two attractive communities for retirement we’ve looked at, Reston and Hilton Head, have Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, where seniors can take courses (no exams) in all sorts of subject areas.

Turns out that the Bernard Osher Foundation has made grants to set up senior learning programs with 119 colleges and universities around the country. In many cases, the colleges and universities offer courses both on campus and nearby in places where seniors are living.

Here’s the list of programs.  An OLLI in the neighborhood might be something common-sense seniors want to take into account  when deciding on a place to live.


2 thoughts on “OLLI — Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes

  1. Mindy Mitchell

    Hi Ray, I’m happy to see your post about OLLI. I was one of the presenters this past summer at the Reston location. I spoke on Aging-in-Place (or ‘Future Planning’ as I like to call it). It was a wonderful experience. I now live in Washington State and am helping with my own elderly parents (aged 92 and 94). An entirely new adventure, to be sure. And one that I am thoroughly enjoying!

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    1. Donna Copson

      We’re attending a meeting this afternoon on aging place sponsored by Reston for a Lifetime! Sorry we missed your presentation.



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