Struggling With Slouch: Progress Report

Slouch project 2

Photo by Donna Copson

Here I am doing one of the many exercises prescribed to help me stand up straight again. They seem to be working!  Compare the photo that sent me to physical therapy.

Still, I have to keep reminding myself to throw my shoulders back and pull in my chin. If I forget, Donna gives me helpful a hint.

Many thanks to Finger Lakes Physical Therapy and Sports Care, and particularly to Dr. Kathryn Scibona, for all their help on this.


3 thoughts on “Struggling With Slouch: Progress Report

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  2. Joan Mistretta

    I think it may be too late for me, but one thing I’ve done lately is to treat myself to “computer glasses” which are an extra pair with just the middle area of my trifocals filling the whole vision field. It feels so much better at the computer when I don’t have to strain my neck to look at the screen.

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