Ray Recycles

Here I am, getting ready to take a CRV-load of scrap off to B&B Recycling, our friendly local metals re-processor. B&B paid $6 for the lot — better than my paying them, which is what I had half expected.Ray to recycle

Where did I get all those aluminum chairs? You may be asking yourself this question. Years back, I was a member of a lawn chair drill team. I can’t find a photo, but this Youtube video of another team will give you the idea. Once people found out I was on the team, chairs just seemed to come to us.

The video reminds me of an experience the team had at a Fourth of July parade in the village of Branchport. We paused to run through our routine, as a young father watched with his son, about 10 or so. After we finished, the father leaned over to the boy and said, “You see, Johnny? That’s what happens when you get old.”

Well, we did it for a good cause — to advertise Milly’s Pantry, which works to assure that children in our community do not go hungry. So what if we made fools of ourselves!

The chairs are history now. What with the bikes we gave away a few weeks ago, an entire corner of our basement is now completely empty!




3 thoughts on “Ray Recycles

  1. Joan Mistretta

    So what are you sitting on outdoors? I still have an aluminum chair that I keep in my trunk for sitting outside opportunities!


  2. Edith Dimotsis

    We didn’t know you had talent in the lawn chair dept otherwise we would have added our chairs to your collection! Any withdrawal symptoms?


    1. Donna Copson

      We held a couple in reserve, actually the two that came down to us from our mothers. We can still show up at a seniors’ event and plant ourselves with the rest of them. Sorry we didn’t have the opportunity to round up your chairs, but hope that Ray’s piece gives you a hint on how to retire them locally. Thanks and good retiring.



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