Decisions, Decisions

We continue to whittle away at our stuff. In addition to the Breuer chairs, we are gifting the new homeowners with a toolbox full of Ray’s duplicates. They likely have only a glimmer of what they will be doing in the coming months as they work on settling in.

Word came today from the Friends of our local library that the book sale is just around the corner. I admit that I have been preoccupied with recovery from knee surgery and PT, so I must have missed earlier calls. I look forward to this event every year for two reasons: I get to buy a new supply of reading matter, and I turn back the books that I  bought previously. This is a good way of keeping a fresh supply of reading matter and of disposing of that already finished. And the Friends do an outstanding job of funding the extras for our library and keeping its profile high in the community. I plan to scurry down with my contributions as soon as we return home.

Then there are other ideas that have been submitted for dealing with our discards. One neighbor is also engaged in chipping away at the unwanted and unneeded. She puts some of her things on the curbside, and they disappear overnight. This is a commendable and hassle-free way of recycling. Thanks for the tip.

Of course, there are things that have truly outlived their useful lives and we are not willing to let others see them in their present condition. Ratty t-shirts? Holey dish towels? You name it. Well, throw them in the ragbag, take them to church or your social club to polish brass and silver, or pitch them in the trash.

But here’s the most provocative matter to come to our attention: what to do with the paraphernalia. Hmm. Well, a little research has turned up this interesting and entertaining article on the subject. We share it with you for whatever you may find relevant and useful.

Sex Toys in the Attic

Till the next time…


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